Canophera is a German company that specializes in providing natural dog chew sticks to aid in relieving stress and providing entertainment for dogs.

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Website Design and Development




The goal of the project was to design a website in accordance with the company's brand book, and to develop it with CMS functionality. Additionally, a training program was implemented to educate the team on the proper use of the CMS system.

The company had previously lacked an online presence and credibility in the digital space. The solution was to quickly establish a trustworthy website that met these requirements. Within a month, the website was fully operational.

The website features a system that allows users to input various statistics about their dogs to receive recommendations on the appropriate size of chew sticks. The proper selection of stick size is crucial for the safety and effectiveness of the product.

The interactive slider gallery illustrates when the user must replace the stick.

Once the stick is small enough so the dog can swallow it whole, it should be replaced.

Secondary navigation was implemented to improve user experience and facilitate quick navigation through the website

To demonstrate the company's focus on user-centered product development, customer testimonials are presented in the form of "submissions from dogs.

The color scheme incorporates natural colors such as bone white and bone gray. Hand-drawn illustrations were utilized to create a playful and inviting design aesthetic.

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