Omigami is an open-source Python and R package that gives users access to scalable APIs for the latest metabolomics algorithms. Shortly after publication, the package makes it easy for users to test and use new algorithms and pre-trained models in the metabolomics pipeline.

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Branding, Website, and Dashboard Design and Development




The primary objective of this project was to develop a distinct brand identity for Omigami that would differentiate it from other tools in the market. The owners of the company placed a high emphasis on creating a visually appealing and modern brand that was also versatile and scalable. In addition, as Omigami is developing multiple products, it was crucial to establish a cohesive design language for all app icons. My responsibilities for this project also included designing and developing a user-friendly landing page and dashboard for the tool to be utilized by scientists

The branding for Omigami was developed with inspiration from the Japanese paper-folding art of origami. All product icons were designed to resemble origami folded shapes. The dashboard design was created with the user onboarding process in mind. Sample files were provided for each tool to demonstrate how the AI manipulates data and the results that can be achieved. The website was developed using Webflow to ensure that clients have the ability to update content in the future easily.

The blog's primary function is to educate users on the product's functionality and engage them in a community via a newsletter and a Slack group.

A mundane sign-in form complemented with a colorful illustration.

The dashboard provides an overview of all available tools and upcoming products, allowing users to launch tools and access tool documentation.

In this section, users have the option to upload their own dataset or utilize sample files provided by Omigami.

To ensure transparency during the data analysis process, progress is displayed on the terminal. This allows users to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. The left side of the screen allows users to select settings for data manipulation.

The results page presents data through interactive graphs, providing options to download results, adjust settings, and rerun the algorithm. Tabs at the top of the page facilitate navigation through the large amount of data.

The brand color palette is cohesive, energetic, and modern. The unique color combination easily associates it with Omigami. The sharp corners in brand elements, such as logos and icons, are inspired by origami paper folding shapes

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