The digital magazine aims to provide insightful and engaging content through the publication of interviews with notable public figures. Additionally, it serves as a strategic marketing tool, offering added value to Grenardi store products and driving traffic to the website




Digital Magazine Design




The scope of this project entailed the development of a concise and refined design identity for Grenardi jewelry. The primary objective was to design a website that effectively conveys the premium experience of wearing the brand's products. The design approach prioritized a mobile-first approach.

The primary design challenge was to establish a trustworthy aesthetic. The solution implemented was to maintain a simplistic and elegant design. A key priority was to strike a balance between promotional content and value-added content, ensuring an easy-to-navigate user experience.

The website was developed with a mobile-first perspective, resulting in a seamless transition of elements such as the full-screen menu across all devices.

To enhance the user experience, the digital magazine was organized into distinct categories to facilitate the discovery of content aligned with individual interests.

The article view was thoughtfully designed, incorporating a sixteen-pixel vertical rhythm and a limited character count per line (up to 60 characters) to improve readability.

A straightforward archive layout was implemented to enable easy navigation of older content.

To ensure consistency and efficiency in the product development process, a comprehensive style guide was created, including all necessary design elements and guidelines for all devices.

Other work

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