Aerodium Kyiv

Aerodium, a Latvian-based company, is a leading producer of vertical wind tunnels and a renowned provider of flight show services on a global scale.




Website and Booking System Design




The objective of this project was to design a website that effectively captures the unique sensation of skydiving. Additionally, the website was required to feature a user-friendly booking functionality that allows for easy upselling during the check-out process and the ability to redeem and purchase gift cards.

The design of the website was intended to evoke a sense of exclusivity, exhilaration, and boldness. To achieve this, various visual elements, such as photographs and videos, were incorporated to showcase the product and the skydiving experience effectively. It was also essential to communicate that the flying experience is suitable for both children and experienced skydivers. To further emphasize the exclusivity of the experience, the website highlighted the company's notable clientele, including Red Bull, Superman Returns, Mercedes Benz, and many more.

Homepage features an interactive map that displays the global locations of Aerodium wind tunnel customers. The location names rotate every few seconds to visually demonstrate the breadth of our customer base.

The booking view offers users the ability to select a date and time for their experience, with the option to choose less busy periods for optimal enjoyment. A sticky sidebar provides a convenient summary of the order and price, ensuring transparency and eliminating any potential for hidden fees at checkout. The booking process is also optimized for mobile devices, as a majority of bookings are expected to be made on-the-go.

Upon completion of the booking process, users are directed to a thank-you page that features unique hand signals commonly used by skydivers. For added convenience, we have also included an "add-to-calendar" button.

Type image caption here (optional)Checkout is streamlined with a quick one-page process, requesting only essential information to minimize abandoned cart rates.

Easy to print PDF, including a QR code that the gift recipient can use to book their flight in the wind tunnel.

In addition, we have developed a style guide that includes color and typography tokens to facilitate communication between designers and developers and establish a common terminology for design elements used throughout the website

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