Lovat software is a user-friendly solution for handling tax compliance in foreign countries. The company's mission is to enable its customers to focus on growing their businesses, while ensuring compliance with tax regulations.




Website and Dashboard Design




The scope of the project entailed the development and implementation of a comprehensive design system for a software solution. The design system was created to support the company's plans for scaling and was intended to improve the user experience. To minimize disruption to existing users, the design system was implemented gradually by introducing new components in a strategic, phased approach. In addition to the design system, a marketing website was also developed to generate leads and provide information about the product.

The primary challenge faced by the client was the lack of a robust design system to support their scaling plans. My design solution was able to address this challenge by being both user-friendly and scalable.

The view combines all the necessary data to manage VAT and sales tax reports for customers' stores.

In the design process, it was agreed that the company would offer three payment plans to make it easy for the customers to choose the best fit and avoid decision paralysis. A custom pricing calculator was provided for additional services to increase pricing transparency.

The forms within the Lovat system are split into several steps to simplify the process for the customer.

The forms are organized into sections to keep the information clear. Each step includes an explanation of the necessary information.

In each step, additional information is provided to increase the likelihood of successful form completion.

Even in the event of a page not being found, the user experience is delightful and on-brand.

The guide includes all the necessary elements to begin the development and maintain consistent style across all devices

Other work

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