Trodo is an online retailer of car parts, operating in six countries across Northern Europe. The company has been a returning customer for over six years




eCommerce Store Design




The project aimed to redesign the entire store and shopping experience to accommodate an expansion of the product offering. It also sought to increase efficiency in the design and development process by implementing the use of Figma and creating a design system to support the continued growth of the store's functionality. Additionally, design components were created with SEO in mind.

The previous online store design presented scalability issues and appeared outdated. By collaborating with the client, a more timely and mobile-friendly website was developed. The new design features a complex product tree while maintaining a user-friendly design.

To ensure a more complete representation of the end product, high-fidelity wireframes were utilized instead of low-fidelity ones. This was made possible due to the established standards and best practices of eCommerce design.

The primary design task was to incorporate a significant amount of technical information in the product view to assist customers in comparing and selecting the appropriate product. The customer can switch between B2B and B2C grid views for optimal shopping experience.

One of the unique features of the Trodo eCommerce store is its functionality that allows users to check product compatibility with their vehicle.

Emphasis is placed on displaying product delivery times and prices as early as possible to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate.

Users have the option to skip or edit the automatically generated compatibility list to reduce delivery times.

An opportunity was identified to request a password at this stage, allowing for the creation of a quick and easy user profile for future purchases.

The style guide includes all necessary design elements to commence product development and maintain consistency across all devices.

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